Reynaldo Salazar Guilen - CONFIRMED

Reynaldo was raised in Santiago de Cuba.
He is graduated as a licensed dancer, teacher and choreographer.
Reynaldo has been working as a director and choreograper to ALL STARS Santiago de Cuba, With them he has won  numerous national competitions, each year's first place in the large Evento Bailar Casino in Havana at ALL STARS, where they dance with well-known groups like Los Van Van Live, Maykel Blanco, Charanga Habanera on stage.
Since 2010, Reynaldo lives in Germany and run his school Salsafusion together with his wife.
At 2011 his group won the German Championships in Rueda de Casino.

Reynaldos group in Santiago

Diamarys Sarabaza - CONFIRMED

Diamarys "The cuban lady" from Havana is known as "primera bailarina" from the famous "Compañía de Danza Folclórica Ban Rarrá" and is one of the best female dancers of Cuba.
She graduates as the best at ISA (Instituto Superior de Arte).
Due to her outstanding skills in Folclor she got a scholarship,
a one-year training to be a dance instructor for cuban dances at the Latin Dance Academy by Requena Delgado in Hamburg.
After graduating she works at the Latin Dance Academy as a choreographer and dance educationist there.

Nikola Medic - CONFIRMED

Nikola won the Rueda World Championships in 2010 and runs the hugely successful dance school ‘Havana Belgrado’ in Serbia and Havana Londres in London where he lives now.

On the dance floor you can’t miss him! – A talented dancer with exceptional musicality, his ruedas are a fusion of everything:  Afro, son, rumba, reggaeton, hip hop, crazy footwork, and above all, plenty of comedy!!

With his endless energy and infectious personality, be prepared to laugh, sweat, and take your rueda to a whole new level!

Come and experience the style, attitude, moves, insane energy and humour that Nikola is notorious for!
Havana Belgrado -

Warda Daoub - Confirmed


We are proud to present Fredy Garcia Batista, better known as FredyClan, he is without a doubt among the most expressive dancers and performers of our times.

He comes from Cuba where he studied at the "Escuela Nacional de Arte" (ENA) and at the ‘Instituto Superior de Arte’ (ISA) and graduated each as best of the year.

Fredy has worked with Havana d primera, Manolito Simonet, La Charanga Habanera and Bamboleo. Performing as dancer as well as organizing the shows as choreographer and he participated in many of their national and international concerts.

FredyClans Muscic
Yo vengo de cuba -
Bataclan -

Amanda Gill / DC Casineros - CONFIRMED

Founder and President of DC Casineros, Amanda has been choreographing, teaching, and performing Casino infused with Afro-Cuban dance for the past seven years. Her experiences of sensuality, vitality, and community health in Rueda de Casino led her to study its connections to dance/movement therapy in graduate school.

Born in northern VA, she trained professionally in Ballet and Modern dance as a young adult; this versatile foundation of Ballet and African dance has led her to perform with companies like Ashe Moyubba, George Mason University Dance Company, Carla & Company. While  studying modern and folkloric dance in 2004 at el Instituto Superior de Arte (ISA) in Havana, she also danced Rueda de Casino daily with a neighborhood team, and performed on the TV program Para Bailar. Not only is Amanda an aficionada for Cuban dance, but an admirer of Cuba’s free dance education and expansive dance therapy movement.

Her casino style highlights the body isolations and dynamism of son and rumba, subtleties of orisha dances, and lyrical free styling of modern dance. After completing her MA in Dance/Movement Therapy at Lesley University in Cambridge, MA she worked as a family therapist in Boston and taught Rueda de Casino at the Masacote School In 2012 she returned to DC to offer Rueda dance therapy programs and to co-direct and perform with DC Casineros. 

Adrian Valdiva/ DC Casineros - CONFIRMED

Co-founder and co-director of DC Casineros, Adrian has been dancing and performing Son, Casino, and other popular Cuban dances for 10 years. He has also been teaching classes infused with Afro-Cuban dance for the past four years. He won first place in the couple’s competition in Miami Rueda congress of 2009. Adrian has traveled nationally and internationally to participate and to teach in the major Rueda de Casino and Afro-Cuban dance conferences. Along with DC Casineros, he has performed and taught locally, nationally, and internationally at prestigious and popular venues, conferences, and congresses including: the Kennedy Center, Smithsonian, DC Salsa Congress, San Francisco, New York, Miami and Atlanta Rueda Congresses, and the Nicaragua Salsa Congress MTV 3 Latino recently featured Adrian and his partner and Director Amanda GillPopular dance in the DC area. 

Adrian and DC Casineros also brought the critically acclaimed All Stars Dance Company from Santiago de Cuba, and collaborated on a 1 and a half hour production in DC.

Born in Venezuela, Adrian grew up in a family of dancers and musicians, which heavily influenced his love for the arts. Adrian currently trains under the guidance of Afro-Cuban dance Masters Duane Wrenn, Kati Hernandez, Yudisleidy Valdes, Jorge Luna Roque, Yoel Marrero, Oscar Rousseaux and Aramis Pazos. He teaches Son, Casino and Rueda de Casino, rumba at beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels. His casino style emphasizes the power and intricacies of Son, Rumba, and at times Orisha dances.

Jaroslav Hluch - Confirmed

Jaro is a great and fun rueda teacher from Bratislava, Slovakia. He has a wonderful energy in his classes and loves to dance to son, salsaton and timba. He got an eye for details and offers something extra for both leaders and followers. This is the 5-th year Jaro teach Rueda and he has been dancing Cuban salsa since 2007. Jaro teach at Salsa by Norika school in Bratislava where he teaches both partner work and rueda de casino at all levels. Jaro is a member of the international rueda group "That's what she said". He has been invited all over to teach Rueda: Groningen (Netherland), Boston MA (US), Fairfax VA (US), Oslo (Norway), Trondheim (SalsaNor Rueda Congress) And he is a regular at Balaton, Stuttgard rueda festivals. He attended the Stockholm Ruedafestival for the first time last year. This will be his first time teaching in Stockholm Ruedafestival. Jaro organise the national Slovakian Rueda flash mob and participate on International Rueda Flash mob every year:

Patrick Ehlert - CONFIRMED

Patrick is running a dance school in Sweden, concentrating on CasinoCubano & Rueda De Casino, and different styles of Ruedas. He also teaches for SalsaAkademien in Stockholm and organizes Stockholm Ruedafestival. Patrick is one of the powers behind the rueda de casino in Sweden.  In 2012 and 2014 he teached at the SalsaNor Rueda Congress in Stavanger and Aarhus. 2014 & 2015 he teached at Regn Rusk Rueda in Aarhus and did RuedaMaster class at A lo Cubano festival in Stockholm. 


Vi är glada att få ha DJ Soto Mayor på Stockholm Ruedafestival. Han är en otroligt skicklig DJ med stor känsla för kubansk musik.
 ”Man känner att varje låt är noga utvald när han spelar och jag kan inte sluta att dansa”
Dj Soto är mest känd som DJ Soto-Mayor och är uppvuxen på Kuba. Han har sedan han kom till Sverige spelat som dj på olika Salsaklubbar och evenemang både i Sverige och utomlands.
2016 spelade han på San Fransisco Salsa & Ruedafestival” med stor framgång tillsammans med ”Timablive”
Han har varit DJ på konserter med bl a  Los Van Van, Charanga Habanera, Maikel Blanco, Havana De Primera, Elio Reve, Calle Real, La Liga Habanera, Mayimbe mm.
Under många år spelade han på ”Klubb El Benny”. En klubb som hade stor acceptans för kubansk musik.  Han har spelat på de flesta klubbar i Stockholm och är mycket uppskattad i Stockholms Salsaliv!

Sassan Ito

- Guestteacher -
Sassan is a creative dancers from Berlin. He has his own Rueda group and he always try to find new movements in Rueda. He´s a great instructor and we are glad to have in Stockholm.


CALLE REAL - Confirmed

“Calle Real is, hands down, the most explosive salsa/timba band to ever come out of Europe. They take command as the leaders of the globalization of salsa/timba music, and their vision for their music has revolutionized the genre itself.” 

DJ Melao (Miami), one of the world’s most successful salsa/timba DJs

 Calle Real, a Swedish Timba band, was formed in 1999 by Patricio Sobrado. The band’s 12 members play a modern, tightly arranged style of Cuban music that swings with a totally unique sound.

Calle Real consists of:

Thomas Sebastian Eby – lead vocal
Karl Frid - guiro, backup vocal
Patricio Sobrado - tres, backup vocal
Gunnar Thullberg - piano & guitar
Christopher Peduru-Aratchi - keyboards
Andreas Unge – bass
Rickard Valdés – conga & timbales
Harry Wallin - drums & timbales
Nils Janson – trumpet
Jacek Onuszkiewicz – trumpet
Peter Fredriksson – trombone
Kristian Persson – trombone

Rickard Valdés, son of the legendary pianist, Bebo Valdes, has toured with his father’s band, Bebo Valdes & Cigalla. While Rickard is the only member of the band with Cuban roots, other members of the band have studied and played Cuban music while living in Cuba. That all the band members grew up in Sweden contributes to the unique sound of Calle Real.

The band’s international debut was in 2003, when they were invited to play at the Benny Moré festival in Cuba; a focal moment for the very best of Cuban Salsa and Timba. The event was captured in a documentary that was featured at the 2004 Gothenburg Film Festival and has played on Swedish television.

Timba is an Afro-Cuban music style that evolved out of Salsa. In the beginning of the 1990’s leading Cuban bands launched this new style, most prominently, NG LA Banda, but with major contributions from Charanga Habanera, Isaac Delgado, Paulito FG and Los Van Van.

Calle Real’s members compose most of the music they perform. While influenced by, and in dialog with the musical innovation of other musicians, Calle Real’s sound is identifiably unique.

Calle Real’s first album, Con Fuerza (2006), was nominated in 2006 by the Latin Grammy Awards for “Best Salsa Album of the Year.” The album was also awarded “Best Album” and “Best New Artist” in 2006 by the French

In the Spring of 2007, Calle Real was the house band on the popular Swedish talk show Stina!, hosted by Stina Lundberg Dabrowski, and frequently performed with famous Swedish artists.

Calle Real first gained international attention with their debut album and have earned fans in Europe, the U.S., South America, the Caribbean, and Australia. Musicians in those countries now even cover Calle Real songs. But it may be the French who most appreciate the band’s sound. In 2007 the band was nominated for best new artist and best Salsa album, with Thomas Eby nominated for best salsa vocalist.

In 2009 Calle Real released its highly anticipated second album, Me lo Gané. It was composed, recorded and produced in Stockholm, Sweden by the band.

Since 2003, Calle Real has been selling out concerts in Europe and across a globetrotting tour that included Ethiopia, Mali, Venezuela, Russia, Israel, Cuba, and Japan. The band’s music was even featured in the critically acclaimed HBO series, Dexter.

“Of the most exciting developments within Swedish music today…Stockholm-based Calle Real… belongs among the most brilliant with the tight, devastating swing of its timba-music – a spicy hot modern form of Salsa to which it’s impossible not to scream “Esperanza!”…

Martin Nyström, Dagens Nyheter (Swedish Daily News)