EL CICLON DE SON Will play at the Saturday Party 18th of April!

Reynaldo Salazar Guilen - CONFIRMED

Reynaldo was raised in Santiago de Cuba.
He is graduated as a licensed dancer, teacher and choreographer.
Reynaldo has been working as a director and choreograper to ALL STARS Santiago de Cuba, With them he has won  numerous national competitions, each year's first place in the large Evento Bailar Casino in Havana at ALL STARS, where they dance with well-known groups like Los Van Van Live, Maykel Blanco, Charanga Habanera on stage.
Since 2010, Reynaldo lives in Germany and run his school Salsafusion together with his wife.
At 2011 his group won the German Championships in Rueda de Casino.

Reynaldos group in Santiago

Nikola Medic - CONFIRMED

Nikola won the Rueda World Championships in 2010 and runs the hugely successful dance school ‘Havana Belgrado’ in Serbia and Havana Londres in London where he lives now.

On the dance floor you can’t miss him! – A talented dancer with exceptional musicality, his ruedas are a fusion of everything:  Afro, son, rumba, reggaeton, hip hop, crazy footwork, and above all, plenty of comedy!!

With his endless energy and infectious personality, be prepared to laugh, sweat, and take your rueda to a whole new level!

Come and experience the style, attitude, moves, insane energy and humour that Nikola is notorious for!

Havana Belgrado - www.youtube.com/watch?v=AGcQu_TfLtE

Diego Fuentes CONFIRMED

Harold Kinanga - CONFIRMED

Sassan Ito - CONFIRMED

Sassan Ito is a creative dancers from Berlin. He has his own Rueda group and he always try to find new movements in Rueda. He´s a great instructor and we are glad to have in Stockholm.



Noe Roderick - CONFIRMED

Simon Hassen - CONFIRMED

Salim Imani - CONFIRMED


Jaroslav Hluch

Jaro is a great and fun rueda teacher from Bratislava, Slovakia. He has a wonderful energy in his classes and loves to dance to son, salsaton and timba. He got an eye for details and offers something extra for both leaders and followers. This is the 5-th year Jaro teach Rueda and he has been dancing Cuban salsa since 2007. Jaro teach at Salsa by Norika school in Bratislava where he teaches both partner work and rueda de casino at all levels. Jaro is a member of the international rueda group "That's what she said". He has been invited all over to teach Rueda: Groningen (Netherland), Boston MA (US), Fairfax VA (US), Oslo (Norway), Trondheim (SalsaNor Rueda Congress) And he is a regular at Balaton, Stuttgard rueda festivals. He attended the Stockholm Ruedafestival for the first time last year. This will be his first time teaching in Stockholm Ruedafestival. Jaro organise the national Slovakian Rueda flash mob and participate on International Rueda Flash mob every year: http://flashmob.salsarueda.dance/


Vi är glada att få ha DJ Soto Mayor på Stockholm Ruedafestival. Han är en otroligt skicklig DJ med stor känsla för kubansk musik.
 ”Man känner att varje låt är noga utvald när han spelar och jag kan inte sluta att dansa”
Dj Soto är mest känd som DJ Soto-Mayor och är uppvuxen på Kuba. Han har sedan han kom till Sverige spelat som dj på olika Salsaklubbar och evenemang både i Sverige och utomlands.
2016 spelade han på San Fransisco Salsa & Ruedafestival” med stor framgång tillsammans med ”Timablive”
Han har varit DJ på konserter med bl a  Los Van Van, Charanga Habanera, Maikel Blanco, Havana De Primera, Elio Reve, Calle Real, La Liga Habanera, Mayimbe mm.
Under många år spelade han på ”Klubb El Benny”. En klubb som hade stor acceptans för kubansk musik.  Han har spelat på de flesta klubbar i Stockholm och är mycket uppskattad i Stockholms Salsaliv!